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Getting Started/General

What is Bookyourday ?

Bookyourday is a marketplace for booking and listing unique spaces for a variety of events. We connect individuals to landlords  who need somewhere special to make their ideas come to life with locations that were previously underutilized or unavailable to the public.

To build a thriving marketplace, Bookyourday works with businesses and individuals who own unique spaces to help them make more efficient use of their space, allowing them to safely and conveniently share it with other professionals in need. As a result, we enable local businesses to sustain healthy operations and expand their presence within the community.

What type of spaces can I list on Bookyourday ?

There are currently three categories of spaces that you can search for and book on the Bookyourday marketplace, depending on the activity you have in mind:

Entire Place – For this type of listing, hosts gives access to their entire place. You are not limited to only outdoor spaces

Garden – For this type of listings, hosts gives you access to their garden only

Roof Top – For this type of listings, hosts gives you access to their roof top only

What type of events can be organized on Bookyourday ?

There are currently many categories of events that guests can organize on the Bookyourday marketplace, depending on the hosts approval and number of guests limitations:

Birthday/Dinner/Baby Shower/Bar&Bat Mitzvah/Brit Milah/Corporate Events

What are the benefits of booking through Bookyourday ?

At Bookyourday, we want to change the way you find and book space. We pride ourselves on providing transparent pricing, no-hassle booking, and a commitment to safeguarding you and your bookings. Because your safety is of the utmost importance, we require that all communications between guests and hosts be conducted through Bookyourday. Messaging and paying through the platform is the only way to be protected under our cancellation & overtime policiesdispute resolution process, secure payment system and fraud safeguards.

We’ve also built a number of features that will make your booking run smoothly, like our event details page with information on how to access the space, which you can reference and share with your guests.

Becoming a host

What are the steps to becoming a Bookyourday host ?

We’re excited to welcome you to the Bookyourday community as a host partner. Before we can activate your space on the marketplace, there are a few basic steps you’ll need to complete as part of the listing experience. These steps are in place to ensure hosts like yourself are prepared for success and ready to receive bookings right away.

What you’ll need along the way:

  • Basic information about your space
  • At least four high-quality photos of your space
  • Friendly profile photo of yourself
  • Some information to verify your identity
  • Your banking information for booking payouts

How much does it cost to list my space ?

Hosts are welcome to list their space free of charge. Bookyourday does not charge a sign up or membership cost. However, there is a 15% service fee for all bookings completed through the Bookyourday platform.

What types of spaces can I list on Bookyourday ?

What are the requirements for live listings ?


All bookings and payments take place on the Bookyourday platform, following our payment process. Guests are charged 30% when you accept their booking and the remaining 70% a week before the booking day.


The best listings have 10+ photos and a floor plan to show off the space in its entirety. You need at least 4 high-quality landscape (horizontal) photos to go live. Make sure you have the rights to your photos, which cannot include watermarks or explicit references to the business or venue name.


Your listing should clearly highlight the square footage, layout, capabilities and ideal uses of your space that relate to the activity you are listed under, while also detailing any restrictions that would impact a guest’s decision to book.

What should be in my Host Rules ?

How do I charge a cleaning fee when guests book my space ?

As a host, you are responsible for cleaning your space after each booking and preparing it for future use. Guests are encouraged to tidy up and be respectful of your space and personal belongings during the booking, but understand that they are not responsible for basic upkeep and removal of trash.

Many hosts include their cleaning costs in their hourly rate because they know that guests prefer a single, all-inclusive price. Other hosts have chosen to take advantage of Bookyourday’s Cleaning Fee pricing. You have the option to set a flat cleaning fee (separate from your hourly rate) that will be automatically added to every booking. Cleaning fees are intended to help you account for extra costs required to prepare your space for your next booking.

How long does it take for listings to go live ?

Once you have submitted your listing(s) and accepted the Hosting Policies, it generally takes 24-72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) for a member of our Onboarding team to review and set your listing(s) live on the Bookyourday marketplace. While waiting for an update on your listing review, we recommend reviewing the requirements to go live here to ensure that you have met all the criteria to list.

What are add-ons ?

What types of add-ons can I charge for ?

How do I manage availability on Bookyourday ?

How do I block time on my calendar ?

What are my Operating Hours ?

Operating hours are the days and hours of the week that your space is open to host bookings (i.e. your general availability). For example, if your space does not accept bookings on the weekends, you can mark those as unavailable using the operating hours feature.

Keeping accurate operating hours will help you save time and convert more bookings by pre-qualifying guests.

What is instant book ?

Instant book is a listing feature that hosts can activate, allowing guests to automatically book your space without waiting for host approval. Not to worry, Hosts will always be given at least a 24 hour lead time for all instant bookings. You will still need to accept any booking requests made within 24 hours of the booking start time.

What should my base rate be ?

Your base rate should be the most commonly booked price. We recommend the base rate includes all listed amenities, any costs required to book the space, and cleaning. Keep in mind your minimum hour requirement when choosing a base rate. The total payout based on these two factors should make sense for you and your space, keeping in mind Bookyourday’s 10% service fee.

As a new host, we recommend pricing your space competitively based on what you see booking nearby on Bookyourday. Once you have a few glowing reviews under your belt, use them as leverage to bump up your price and find your sweet-spot.

How do I set rates for specific days of the week or times of day ?

We understand that many hosts have variations to their hourly base rate. With the calendar pricing feature, you can set rates for specific days of the week and times of day. Common calendar rates include a discounted weekday rate or weekend rate after 5pm.

Once you set your calendar rates, guests will see them during checkout on your listing when inputting the start and end time of their booking. If a guest uses the availability filter to search for your space, the associated variable rate will display on your listing in search results as well.

How should I price my space ?

The key to turning inquiries into bookings on Bookourday is transparent and all-inclusive hourly pricing. Our guests have told us that the reason they prefer Bokyourday is because they understand upfront what is included with the space and the total amount it will cost–– no hidden fees, no negotiating, and no-hassle bookings. Hosts who make booking their space simple via accurate pricing earn the most on Bookyourday.

Pricing requirements for your listing(s):

  • Minimum number of hours required to book
  • Summary of all amenities that come with the space in the Amenities section
  • Amenities and costs required to book are included in your hourly rate
  • List of attendee tiers and variable rates in your listing description

How do I get paid for a booking ?

All payouts are executed through the Bookyourday platform and are processed by our third-party payment provider, Upay.

Payments will be don via direct transfer to your bank account

How do I provide a VAT receipt for my booking (Host)

How much is my payout ?

Your payout is the total booking amount minus our fee(10%)

When will I receive my payout ?

Payouts are issued via direct transfer up to 72 hours after the event

What is the Bookyourday service fee ?

Bookyourday charges 10% of the license charge (total booking amount) to hosts for providing the services and platform that allow them to connect with guests to book their spaces. Listing a space is free and we do not have any membership fees. This service fee helps Bookyourday better work for you through:

  • Marketing: We spend significant time and resources bringing you qualified inquiries.
  • Product Improvements: We’re building tools to make it easy to manage your space.
  • Support: We have a dedicated Customer Experience team.
  • Safety: Our host general liability insurance is included on every booking confirmed on Bookyourday.
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